Welcome to Center Ground - Raleigh Reiki and More

Your Center Ground: A Place for Healing

Welcome to Center Ground, your new place for Reiki healing in Raleigh! Conveniently located in the Open Branches Wellness Center, Center Ground offers Reiki, Archangelic Light, Crystal energy healing, and more. Visit our about page to learn more about us, or make an appointment here.

LJ is an energy healer that uses Reiki, Archangelic Light, and Crystal energy therapy to help balance the chakras, move through blockages and get any stagnant energy flowing again to attain optimal health. She has been healing for years and has now decided to help others in her work. LJ will use Reiki music tuned to the frequency of 432hz to help calm and relax you as she sends in the healing energy of Reiki.

If you've had Reiki treatments before, or would like to learn more about the unique healing properties of Reiki and energy attunement, Center Ground can help!

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We’re Now Open!

Center Ground is now open! Come see us at the Open Branches Wellness Center.

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